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SAS Shoes are all built a specific way. Most of SAS Shoes are handcrafted moccasin constructions. This means the soft upper leather wraps completely around your foot. SAS Shoes knows that leather is an ideal upper material because it’s breathable. It has the ability to absorb and wick away moisture.


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Handcrafted Comfort

 SAS makes many types of shoes that will be comfortable, and give you good health and happiness. SAS Shoes makes: women’s sandals, women’s wedges, women’s heels, women’s loafers, women’s slip-ons, women’s walking shoes, women’s dress shoes, women’s work shoes, women’s slip resistant shoes, and women’s athletic shoes.  Also, SAS Shoes makes: men’s sandals, men’s walking shoes, men’s work shoes, men’s slip resistant shoes, men’s dress shoes, men’s casual shoes, and men’s athletic shoes.


 SAS Shoes knows that having a large selection in sizes and widths to fit your foot is important for your foot comfort. For women SAS Shoes makes sizes: 4 through 12. For men SAS Shoes makes sizes: 6 through 15. SAS Shoes carries their shoes for men and women in multiple widths: Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide, and Extra Wide.  


SAS Shoes has an Active Comfort shoe line. The Active Comfort Fitness Shoes for men and women is engineered to have the same comfort features as our FootShaped walking shoes. In addition, SAS Shoes has added features that will insure stability and a natural and healthy posture throughout the walk cycle. SAS Shoes manufactures a ladies Tour in white leather & mesh, and a men’s Journey in black & white leather.


A Healthy natural approach to comfortable footwear!